Video Conferencing enables a faster, more effective and unified way of doing business. This feature-rich combination of hardware and software products offers the highest performance and uncompromised video quality over any network, device, or location. Your employees, customers, and partners can collaborate over video in the boardroom, from desktops, and on their mobile devices. Get the scalability and collaboration power your organization needs by integrating with any video-enabled device, including a telepresence system, a conference room based system, a desktop, or a mobile video client, and unified communications solutions.

Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions comprises of

  • Full High Definition Room Based systems that delivers unmatched densities and demanding conferencing applications and provides exceptional user and communication experience in the least amount of rack space thereby consuming lower power consumptions
  • Full High Definition Desktop Video Conferencing system with embedded Multi party Collaboration
  • Solutions that extend remote and desktop users for voice, video and data collaboration
  • Mobile Video Collaboration enabling HD Video Conferencing on your smart phone to tablet
  • Complete Firewall and traversal solutions enabling secure connectivity to the outside networks and sites
  • Network Monitoring of media to ensure Quality of Experience

Why Enkay Technologies?
Enkay Technologies can help enterprises across all industry verticals deploy comprehensive Video Conferencing Solutions that will

  • Increase the adoption of Video Collaboration by deploying easy to use and comprehensive user interface enabling all to collaborate in real time across Room Systems, Meeting Rooms, Desktop and Workstations, Endpoints, Smart phones and Tablets thereby lowering the TCO
  • Enabling swift decision making thereby improving productivity levels across the enterprises
  • Impeccable quality delivering FULL High Definition for live video content.
  • Extending Video Collaboration Applications beyond conference rooms and Board rooms to remote and desktop users for voice, video and data communications.
  • Automatic Firewall traversal allows users to participate regardless of where they are and the device of their choice.
  • Simplified Collaboration making a Video call as easy as a voice call