Parking Management Solution

Managing Vehicle Parking and Movement in premises has become of utmost importance due to lack of space. Off late Multi Level Parking is in vogue. It is very important to incorporate technology to ease the parking and movement of vehicles to avoid confusion and chaos. Also, Security & Safety has to be considered to stop un-authorized entry and fraud / theft. Enkay provides Parking Management and Guidance system with Access Control and CCTV integration.


  • Standalone Centralized Revenue Management Software
  • Supports RFID or Paper Ticket based architectures
  • Provides automated Entry / Exit stations for complete automation
  • Easy to use, programmable & customizable Parking Fee management options like Pre-Paid, Post-Paid, Complimentary & Loyalty passes
  • Fully automatic system operation at entry/exit
  • Extensive Statistical Reporting & Data mining tools for effective operational management
  • Integrates with optional Parking Security System for capturing vehicle & driver images for easy, fool proof verification at exit
  • Integrates with optional Automatic License Plate Recognition

It is a truly innovative, state of the art system to help & guide car park users automatically to locate a vacant parking slot in an efficient & stress free manner.
Zone Based
It has sensors located at each zone marked with defined entry / exit. The capacity of each zone is configurable according to the parking plan designed.
Individual Slot Based
It has individual overhead mounted sensors at each parking lot to detect & indicate its occupancy automatically.

  • Standalone Centralized Guidance Management Software
  • Supports magnetic loops or Ultrasonic & IR sensors for zonal guidance
  • Supports overhead mounted Ultrasonic sensors for individual guidance
  • Supports Ethernet interface to collect, collate, disseminate real time occupancy data & link to central server
  • Robust in operation to detect direction of motion, differentiate vehicles, motorcycles with other objects like human & trolleys
  • Real time accurate occupancy status at zone or level or decision point wise
  • Supports directional decision displays
  • Provides detailed event, status, history & alarm logs
  • Supports multi user & secure authentication levels