Why Security?

20,000 Square Feet, 2000+ employees, R&D Labs, Manufacturing Organizations, Corporate Houses, IT Houses, Proprietary Information, Patented Inventions, Trade Secrets, Restricted Areas, Personal and Confidential Information, Money Transfers, Stocks and Bonds are some words that are often heard in the Corporate World.

The World has used several conventional or traditional methods to secure people and assets but with the Globe being threatened by Attacks newer methods and technologies are being adopted to make Life & Assets safer and secure.

Words like Safety, Security and Surveillance have steadily gained prominence as words such as Terrorism, Impersonation, Breach, Pilferage, Espionage, Fraud and Hacking are echoing Globally. The list doesn’t stop here; there are umpteen words that kill the very essence of Security, assisted ably by human or system errors, which in turn results in unbearable trauma to economies and to the population.

The sense of security and safety in the minds of the people, who have gone through traumas and fear, cannot be explained in words.

In today’s world Security & Safety is being given utmost importance and has become mandatory.

Security & Safety - the State of being secure & safe; freedom from danger; leading to PEACEFUL Environment

Enkay offers holistic Security Solutions that provide End-to-End Security & Safety to humans / assets; Facilitates in taking Proactive decisions; Assists in maintaining a Peaceful, Secure and Safe Environment