With the evolution of more and more applications that are able to deliver Rich Content, Mobile Applications are demanding the networks to be intelligent, faster, delivery content at wire speed, agile and simple. Open and Interoperable Data Networking is a practical and cost effective approach to build the next generation Campus LAN networks, Data Center Architectures and Topologies that authorize and authenticate computing devices at the edge for secure access to enterprise.  

Intelligent and Secure Data networks are important to all contemporary organizations because they provide faster, easier access to any message or data that can be represented and stored in digital format. For example, when a group of workers or employees research an issue relevant to your organization and share their data and conclusions with you in a data format your computer recognizes, you can copy key information from their report into your own, saving yourself significant amounts of time.

 Enterprise across all industry verticals are evolving, and today distributed workforces, extended supply chains, and business process outsourcing (BPO), are forcing business network infrastructures to extend into new geographies. Modern enterprise network infrastructures are also transitioning to real-time operations, so sharing accurate and up-to-date information with suppliers, partners or customers is becoming a strategic advantage, and one of the primary drivers behind web applications and service-oriented architectures (SOA). Every network connection must be as seamless and reliable as the last, whether from the office, a university classroom, a hospital, the airport or anywhere else.

 Enterprise network infrastructure solutions on open standards protocols help businesses meet their high performance network goals with new levels of security, availability, performance, and operational simplicity. Solutions designed by Enkay Technologies using the open standards Network Architectures requiring routing, switching and security platforms to connect real-time, critical applications and services to users in branch and regional offices, central sites and data centers.

 Active, alert and constantly on the move, today’s workforce thrives on a growing number of rich, bandwidth-intensive applications, including Unified Communication and Collaboration tools like Avaya , Polycom and NEC that require an always-on enterprise network. Such diversity means enterprises also need an effective, simple way to manage it all—wired and wireless, physical and virtual, campus and data center—to keep their always-busy, always-moving workforce connected and productive at all times.

 Our approach is to simplify network operations that deliver a variety of automation, Orchestration and management tools that allows enterprises to monitor and administer and control wired and wireless gear with unprecedented simplicity and flexibility that in turn helps consolidate network equipment and reduce IT maintenance costs.

 Our comprehensive, flexible services offerings have helped enterprises deploy purpose-built wired and wireless infrastructures into a single, seamless enterprise that ensures an always ON Enterprise network always available mission-critical applications from any device, anywhere in the world

From a Networking Solutions perspective, Enkay Technologies can help customers deploy

  • Campus LAN Networks.
  • Data Center Architectures
  • Networks, BYOD and Unified Access
  • Wireless LAN Solutions that deliver High Performance inside and outside the Enterprise
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Application Security
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Network Audit Assessments and Consulting Services

Why Enkay Technologies?

  • Regardless of the business enterprise vertical or location, enterprise network solutions and the networking applications they support are critical to the enterprise. Enkay Technologies designed enterprise network solutions will offer network protection, operational simplicity, enterprise networking performance, flexibility, and total cost savings.
  • Enkay Professional Services is optimally equipped to handle and deliver high performance and open standards based flexible architectures of the new enterprise network, resulting in tight networking integration. Enterprise network solutions expert support available 24–7, 365 days of the year.
  • Reduced network expenses by simplifying operations.
  • End to end standards based Network Virtualization technology that reduces network provisioning by 70%
  • Unified Access Solutions that offer consistent policy enforcement, security and management.
  • Architectures that enable best in class experience over a high performance highly available networks
  • Reduce operating costs by decreasing provisioning time
  • Future proof of the deployed networks
  • Integrating multi vendor network architectures that are relevant and meet the business expectations.

You can view the Avaya Fabric Connect video of Dubai Exhibition Center Case Study below :