Increasing globalization and its role in business and competition has made the use of presentation equipment as well as audiovisual system design and integration a must. The spread of audio visual communications technologies, including sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems, is evident in every sector of society: in business, education, hospitality, healthcare, government, defence, retail environments, worship, sports and entertainment and museums. The application of audiovisual systems is found in collaborative conferencing (which includes video-conferencing, audio-conferencing, web-conferencing and data-conferencing); presentation rooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, command and control centres;digital signage, Virtual Class rooms& e-learning and many more. AV blends the worlds of art and science and helps people and companies communicate more effectively.

By creating an integrated, user-friendly environment with the latest video, voice, security and data collaboration technologies, our highly qualified and versatile systems integration team is equipped to design systems, prepare specifications and CAD drawings, fabricate, program, install & maintain.

    We at Enkay have

  • Dedicated Design and Pre-Sales team to Consult & Design as per User requirements and Latest AV Practice. Qualified to take any design challenge for any industry need.
  • We follow International AV standards while providing solution.
  • Certified and Trained engineers to take care of any challenging AV implementation.
  • Dedicated service and post-sales support team with 24x7 Enkay Care with Industry best SLA’s.

    Audio Visual For Corporate and Enterprise

  • Board Room Audio Visual Integration
  • Meeting/Conference Rooms
  • Digital Signage and Room Scheduling
  • Training Rooms & Multi-functional Spaces

    Hospitality AV Solutions

  • Banquet Hall
  • Digital Signage
  • Multipurpose Rooms
  • Background Music
  • Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms
  • Guest Room Solutions

    Multipurpose Auditoriums

  • E-classrooms and Virtual Training Centers
  • Sound Re-inforcement System
  • E-Cinema/D-Cinema
  • Multimedia & Presentation


  • NOC Centers
  • Multimedia Video Walls and
  • Interactive Displays
  • Customer Experience Centers
  • Control & Command Center